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Unique Features of the Geopark

glacial series/ glaciation (ground moraine, terminal moraine, outwash plain/ sandur, glacial valley) _more_ * klassische quartär-geologische Meile (classical quaternary-geological mile) _more_ * geologically special forms _more_ * glacial caused richness of lakes _more_ * Unteres Odertal (Lower Oder Valley) _more_ * klassische Forschungslandschaft (classical research landscape) _more_ * Establishment of 4 Großschutzgebiete (large protected areas) _more_


The glacial series has been completely preserved and is like in no other region that exemplary developed. Because of the famous Thorn-Eberswalde Glacial Valley the whole glacial series can be experienced on less than 5km. The exemplary development of the glacial basic elements in this area was essential for the recognition of the laws between these elements. There are 8 Endmoränenstaffeln (terminal moraine echelons) between Biesenthal-Chorin-Oderberg-Prenzlau a density of Eisrandlagen (push moraines) not reached anywhere else.


The area has as "klassische quartär-geologische Meile" ("classical quaternary-geological mile") a great importance in the history of science. Recently this area is an important destination for international scientific field trips in the northern European glacial area. Its latest important characterising impact the landscape of the geopark obtained about 15,000 ears ago. After the melting of the glacier a ground moraine deposit of partly more than 40 m height remained here. On the edge of the glacial ice stones and boulders piled up in a confined space - the so-called block packings.


Besides the basic forms of the glacial series many geological special forms like kames, esker, drumlins and kettle ponds but also inland dunes, dry valleys and impressive boulders exist in the area of the GeoPark. Because of their special characteristic and significance these special forms have been declared to Geotopes. After the closed northern German ice sheet melted, there were new advances of glaciers in the forms of typical valley glaciers, which formed the area of the Ucker- and Randowbecken (Ucker and Randow Basin).


The administrative districts Barnim and Uckermark have 786 lakes (about 1ha). So much glacial caused lakes can be found nowhere else. Especially the variety of shapes is quite remarkable. There are: finger lakes, groove lakes, kettle lakes, caldera lakes and fold lakes.

With the Unteres Odertal (Lower Oder Valley) the GeoPark has a glacially formed flood plain, which is one of the last nearly natural river flood plain landscapes in Central Europe. It is the basis for the development of a German-Polish Geopark.


These here mentioned characteristics developed the area of the GeoPark to a classical research landscape (since over 175 years) - the basis for excellent national and international research in the fields of forest management and forestry, soil sciences and site ecology, phytogeography as well as nature and landscape research.


The geologically based scenic characteristics provide the natural foundation for the establishment of the Großschutzgebiete (large protected areas) in the area of the GeoPark. It encloses the Biosphärenreservat Schorfheide-Chorin (Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin), the Nationalpark Unteres Odertal (Lower Oder Valley National Park) and part of the Naturpark Barnim (Barnim Nature Park) and Naturpark Uckermärkische Seen (Lakes of the Uckermark Nature Park).

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